Orient conceptual ideas and subject them to the realities of business.

Induct entrepreneurs into different programs designed to help them understand the ecosystem by putting their ideas to test.

Our Launchpad Program includes


Understanding the business objective of the idea.

Associating an idea with its respective expertise (consultants).

Helping the startup to set milestones and the desired organizational structure.


Finding the right product-market mix.

Customer profiling so to help the startup service / product reach its demographic target.

Business model conceptualization and considering alternative business goals.

Financial and legal structure

Introduction to behavioral economics and pricing.

Assistance with license and clearance.

Statutory compliance and intellectual property.

Network and Communication

Support of industrial professionals.

How to present the idea to different stakeholders.

Marketing your product/service to customers.


Getting started to test the prototype.

Troubleshooting prior to testing in-order to look up for issues.

Evaluate the organization structure to engage.


Going through the analysis and feedback.

Iterate to improve performance for optimal experience across customer decision journeys.

SRiX - SR Innovation Exchange

SRiX helps startups build innovative products using hardware and software technologies such as IoT, AI, VR/AR, and Data Analytics in the strategic areas of Agriculture, Healthcare, Environment & Education by providing Maker Spaces, Technology Innovation Labs, Business Incubation, and market access with a Go-To-Market strategy.

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