The incubation program at SRiX is open to Indian citizens who want to start a venture which adds value to their customer and is good for the ecosystem.

It also has the objective of creating jobs in the ecosystem. Therefore, startups that create employment will be considered favorably.

The SRiX selection committee will consider all applications and approve the admission into the program.

Selection Process:

There will be two levels of evaluation:

Internal review:

An internal review by senior business team members. A pitch template will be shared with the applicant for presenting to the internal team. This may take some iterations.

External review:

After a satisfactory internal review, a business plan/deck is prepared by the applicant. This is then sent to two/three experts for their opinion/feedback. Experts could be from the domain, investor, an established entrepreneur, potential client/user. Applicants may be asked to present the plan/deck to the experts and seek feedback.

SRiX - SR Innovation Exchange

SRiX helps startups build innovative products using hardware and software technologies such as IoT, AI, VR/AR, and Data Analytics in the strategic areas of Agriculture, Healthcare, Environment & Education by providing Maker Spaces, Technology Innovation Labs, Business Incubation, and market access with a Go-To-Market strategy.

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