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India has made great strides in the field of education. Every year we have millions of young graduates coming into the world with high aspirations and many went ahead to grow global organizations. The immense potential of generations of qualified youngsters is waiting to be harnessed for the development of the country. The entrepreneurial spirit combined with many initiatives from the Government to encourage Startups has opened new doors.

We at SR Group have done our bit in empowering the youngsters with the knowledge they need to contribute to the economy and achieve their dreams through our educational institutions. Now, the building of a startup ecosystem is an opportunity for us to continue our legacy of empowering youth to achieve.

We are very happy to establish SR Innovation Exchange or SRiX, a Technology Business Incubator under Department of Science and Technology. SRiX is empowering entrepreneurs by providing the knowledge, resources and environment to make their dreams come true. Through SRiX, we will continue our contribution to this region and the country.

Innovative ideas need a supporting eco-system to play a key role in manifesting the idea into a product or service, which is useful to others. SRiX is building a beautiful environment for startups to learn, grow and succeed. We will provide access to mentor networks, subject matter experts and conduct training sessions, workshops and interactions for the entrepreneurs to benefit from the ecosystem. We will strive to attract talent from a wide spectrum of youth who are eager to start new ventures to make a difference in society. We will also channelize the funds from Government

While ideas are at the center-stage of the startup arena, we believe the focus should be on making high quality, user-friendly products that have a positive impact. We aim to become one of the best hardware incubator of the country. We are looking for startups with innovative ideas, help them make hardware and software products based on their idea and have a sustainable, developmental impact on the customer community. We will help in the ideas actually taking shape and coming alive as products.

We, at SRiX believe , Ideas . Create . Impact.

Turning ideas into products which create impact.

This is my invitation to the community of entrepreneurs, mentors, educators and investors from all over India and especially from Telangana, to lend their whole-hearted support and participate in the activities of SRiX and promote the growth of entrepreneurship in the region and the country.

A Madhukar Reddy

Chairman - SR Innovation Exchange
Secretary - SR Engineering College


SRiX helps startups build innovative products using hardware and software technologies such as IoT, AI, VR/AR, and Data Analytics in the strategic areas of Agriculture, Healthcare, Environment & Education by providing Maker Spaces, Technology Innovation Labs, Business Incubation, and market access with a Go-To-Market strategy.

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