Founder's message

“We are happy to establish SRiX to incubate many successful start-ups for the future of this region as well as India. We will strive to attract talent from a wide spectrum of youth who are eager to start new ventures to serial entrepreneurs who continue to make a difference in the society.

While it starts with an idea, a good supporting eco-system plays a key role in realizing it in the market place.

We recognize a great need for the development activity for ideas and technological breakthroughs to address the peculiar challenges and opportunities that they pose in the Indian context. We are making a concerted effort to make these world-class innovations and commercialization happen at SRiX.

I further felt that apart from product development and seed funding, start-up entrepreneurs have a critical need for mentoring on business and technical aspects. They need access to different networks with the right connections to move their businesses forward.

SRiX will continue to launch several entrepreneurship programs. It is gratifying that these programs attract quality entrepreneurial enthusiasts from all walks of life and will earn a reputation for their value and effectiveness.

My sincere hope is that the community of entrepreneurs in India in general and Telangana in particular, will lend their whole-hearted support to the activities of SRiX in a way that they see fit to promote the growth of entrepreneurship in India”.

A Madhukar Reddy

Chairman - SR Innovation Exchange
Secretary - SR Engineering College

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